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About Us

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SAGE Institute for Adaptive Parenting is an assessment, training, and consulting practice specializing in meeting the needs of parents with disabilities and their children.

Formerly known as Sage Haven Associates, Inc., we were founded in 2008 out of the recognition that many children of parents with disabilities enter foster care, not because of abuse or neglect, but because of a lack of community resources and support.

By embracing values of Safety, Awareness, Growth, and Empowerment, SAGE Institute strives to create homes where the health and safety of children is protected and parents with disabilities are supported and accepted.

In 2023, we expanded our services and changed our name to SAGE Institute for Adaptive Parenting. We believe this name better reflects the services we offer and our future plans and goals.

To learn more about the SAGE Institute Team and our founder, Dr. Nicole Brisson, check out the Our Team page or scroll down to read more about our mission and values.

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”

– Angela Schwindt

Our Mission

Our Mission

To empower and promote the well-being of parents with disabilities and their families through awareness, education, and advocacy.

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Our Vision

To impart knowledge that inspires social change, garners support, and promotes equity for parents with disabilities and their families.

Our Value Statement

We embrace inclusion, believe that everyone has the capacity to learn, and value the preservation of families.

African deaf kid girl and her mother sitting on couch showing symbols with hands using vis

Our Values



We believe that safety is paramount; and that respecting parents’ rights and protecting children’s welfare are necessary and compatible goals.



We acknowledge that everyone has the ability to learn and grow.



We strive to be objective and aware of personal biases always.



All people with disabilities deserve equitable opportunities to parent, exert control over their lives, have support, and be valued members of their communities.

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