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SAGE Adaptive Parenting Assessment Certification Training

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SAGE Certified Family Assessment Specialist.


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Why Certification?

Each year, a disproportionate number of children of parents with disabilities enter foster care after their parents' ability to care for them is determined based on the results of flawed and unadapted parenting assessments.


The U.S. Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services (DOJ/HHS) have identified this practice as constituting criminal discrimination against parents with disabilities and have directed states to train parenting evaluators to provide appropriate and accommodated assessments.

Our team at SAGE Institute has grown our expertise through years of providing comprehensive fact-based parenting assessments for parents with disabilities nationwide, earning us recognition as a distinguished leader in the field. As a result, we feel a responsibility to educate evaluators to conduct fair and equitable parenting assessments.


Soon, we will be offering the SAGE Adaptive Parenting Assessment (SAPA) certification training to social service professionals who want to improve the quality and effectiveness of parenting assessments for parents with disabilities and their families.


Trainees who demonstrate that they meet the standards by completing the certification process will be qualified to work as independent contractors through SAGE Institute for Adaptive Parenting.


Please contact us for more information.

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Our Values



We believe that safety is paramount; and that respecting parents’ rights and protecting children’s welfare are necessary and compatible goals.



We acknowledge that everyone has the ability to learn and grow.



We strive to be objective and aware of personal biases always.



All people with disabilities deserve equitable opportunities to parent, exert control over their lives, have support, and be valued members of their communities.

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